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Different Types of Micro Wire Springs and Common Applications

Micro springs and miniature wire forms are common components in many of today’s specialized tools and electromechanical devices. From the aerospace and medical sectors to consumer electronics and automotive switches, the world relies more than ever on precision-based micro manufacturing services.

Three of the most common micro wire spring configurations include torsion springs, extension springs, and compression springs. HyTech Spring and Machine specializes in the design and manufacturing of virtually all configurations of micro springs and wireforms built from wire diameters as small as .0015”.

Common Types of Micro Wire Springs Compared:

Micro Wire Torsion Springs

Micro torsion springs are designed to twist or rotate with the application of force. Mechanical energy is thus stored torsionally as the spring twists and deforms.

The design of custom micro torsion springs is highly dependent on the specific application and desired performance characteristics, such as torque capacity, stiffness, and fatigue life. Common applications include miniature devices such as watches, medical instruments, and small electronics, where space is limited and precision is critical.

HyTech is a leading manufacturer of torsion springs used in electronics and communication equipment, sensors and switches, office products as well as in electrical interconnects and acoustic equipment. We offer left and right handed coils, single and double torsion with complex leg configurations in wire sizes from .002” round and shaped wire up to .178”.

Micro Wire Extension Springs

Micro extension springs are designed to resist stretching or extension. This spring type works by absorbing and storing energy when they are stretched or extended. When the force is released, the stored energy is released, causing the spring to return to its original shape. This allows the spring to provide a consistent force over a long period of time.

Because of their unique functionality, extension springs are commonly used in applications where a small amount of force is needed to return a component to its original position. These springs are often found in small electronics devices, medical instruments, electromechanical automotive parts, and precision aerospace components.

HyTech supplies standard and custom extension springs manufactured in a wide range of difficult hook configurations. Our forming department can produce high-precision springs in .002” diameter up to .178” diameter wire.

Miniature Compression Springs

Micro compression springs are essentially miniature versions of the commonly-used vertical coil spring configuration, which resist compressive forces and return to the original shape/height after being compressed.

These critical components are commonly used in many small devices such as handheld electronics, medical devices, PCB circuit testers, and micro sealing components. Performance characteristics such as spring rate/stiffness, maximum load capacity, and fatigue life are all finely tuned for each unique product application.

HyTech manufactures various compression spring designs with open, closed and ground ends in wire diameters from .0015″ to .180”. Our CNC grinding department offers automated feeding to grinders, crush grinding and down-feed grinding, with the ability to hold very close tolerances.

The Industry’s Leading Manufacturer of Micro Wire Spring Components

HyTech Spring and Machine is the leading U.S.-based manufacturer of micro wire springs in all common configurations including custom torsion, extension, and compression springs. Since 1984, our company has provided innovative metal forming and precision machining services to some of the world’s most challenging production applications including medical devices, the aerospace sector, specialized electronics, and beyond.