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Vendor Requirements

HyTech Supplier Code of Conduct

HyTech Spring and Machine Corp strives to conduct all aspects of our business in a legal and ethical manner in all countries where we manufacture, buy, or sell our products. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers.

Generally speaking, we require our suppliers to act fairly, responsibly, and in accordance with the laws of the countries
in which they operate. The basic principles of the code of conduct are:

Forced and/or child labor is forbidden – Child labor is not tolerated and employment age should be in compliance with local labor laws.

Fairness in wages and benefits – Compensation and benefits should be competitive, non-discriminatory, and in compliance with local labor laws. In particular, minimum wage, overtime compensation, and mandated benefits should meet local requirements.

Health and Safety – Employees should have a safe and healthy environment that meets safety and occupational standards.

Harassment and Discrimination – Harassment or discrimination of any type or for any reason is unacceptable in the workplace.

Freedom of Association – Employees rights to freely associate in accordance with local laws should be respected. Suppliers shall maintain an environment whereby employees are free to communicate with management without fear of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.

Conflict Minerals – Suppliers shall comply with all United States and other local laws with regard to the use of conflict minerals and make reasonable efforts in their supply chains to ensure conflict minerals are not used in products supplied to HyTech Spring and Machine Corp.

Ethics – All forms of corruption including bribery, embezzlement, extortion, or excessive gift giving for the purpose of gaining undue advantage is prohibited.

Confidentiality  Suppliers shall protect confidential information and intellectual property in accordance with legal and contractual obligations.

Environment – Suppliers shall manage their processes and businesses in a sustainable manner that minimizes environmental impact and protects employees and the general public. Suppliers are expected to conform to all local environmental laws and regulations. We encourage our suppliers to provide adequate environmental training for their workforce.

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