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Quality Contract Manufacturing Solutions for Your Project

HyTech Spring and Machine specializes in custom spring manufacturing, wireform production, and CNC machining services for a wide range of precision applications. Founded in 1984 and based out of Plainwell, Michigan, our company enjoys a rich history of tackling some of the industry’s most challenging applications.

Custom Spring Products

HyTech has the technology and capability to manufacture your custom spring products accurately and efficiently. Our company is one of the industry’s premier contract manufacturers specializing in a range of specialized precision spring products.

Custom Wireforms

HyTech Spring and Machine manufactures a wide range of wireform products and custom spring solutions. We have the capability to process complex wireform products with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Micro Wire Components

Utilizing a range of highly capable CNC forming technology, HyTech Spring and Machine manufactures custom micro wireforms and spring solutions with wire diameters as small as 0.0005”.

Swiss Turning

HyTech’s CNC turning department is equipped with some of the latest and most advanced Swiss lathes. We provide Swiss screw machining solutions for shaped and extruded workpieces with material diameters up to 32mm.

CNC Machining Milling and Turning

HyTech specializes in the precision manufacturing of complex machined components produced on some of the latest and most advanced CNC machining technology. Our state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning workcenters deliver close-tolerance turning operations with unmatched efficiency and repeatability.

Auxiliary Service and Supporting Operations

HyTech can accommodate your custom spring, wireform, or micro manufacturing project with our critical secondary operations and supporting services. From buffing to tumbling, and tumbling to custom packaging or complete vendor-managed inventory solutions, our auxiliary services are designed to enhance your product and add even more value.