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Industries Served

HyTech Spring and Machine serves a diverse range of precision applications through the engineering and production of miniature springs, wireforms, machined components, and micro-manufactured solutions. Our engineers consider all aspects of your project to develop a truly optimized solution – from the dimensions and design parameters of each component to the metallurgy of the materials.


HyTech’s innovative solutions offer unique advantages to the modern medical industry. From custom medical coils and orthodontic wireforms to precision-machined medical components, our products are produced to the highest degree of accuracy, consistency, and precision.


As an AS9100:D certified manufacturer, we proudly serve state-of-the-art aerospace and flight applications through our precision engineering and production solutions.


HyTech is an IATF 16949:2016 certified American contract manufacturer specializing in providing miniature springs, wireforms, precision machined components, and micro-manufactured solutions to commercial and industrial automotive projects.


HyTech is a leading provider of custom springs, wireform products, and micro-manufactured solutions to a wide range of precision electronics applications.