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Precision Manufacturing Solutions for the Medical Industry

HyTech Spring and Machine’s innovative manufacturing solutions offer unique advantages to the modern medical industry. From custom medical coils, stent wires, and orthodontic wireforms to cannula/hypotube components, we offer precision machined products that are engineered and produced to the highest degree of accuracy and consistency.

  • Various spring sizes and custom lengths to accommodate each unique medical product application.
  • Capability to meet strict cleanliness standards demanded by the modern healthcare industry.
  • Special packaging options available.
  • Specialized experience in the production of hypotube products used for cannulas.

Quality Contract Manufacturing for the Medical and Healthcare Sectors

At HyTech, we have manufactured cutting-edge solutions for some of the medical industry’s most advanced devices and specialized procedures. Our diverse medical manufacturing experience includes components for:

  • Urology devices and equipment.
  • Stents and micro components used in cardiac surgery.
  • Micro medical devices used in airway management and endoscopy.
  • Precision medical tools used in minimally invasive surgery.

Precision Medical Spring Solutions

Precision spring coiling

  • Miniature compression springs down to 0.0015” body diameter.

Custom Medical Extension Springs

  • Machine Loop
  • V-Hook
  • D-Loop
  • Coned End

Custom Medical Torsion Springs

  • Double Torsion
  • Short Hook Ends
  • Straight Offset
  • Specialty Torsion Springs

Reinforcement Coils

  • Used for support in catheters, tracheostomy tubes, and a wide range of other medical devices.


  • 302/304 stainless steel
  • 17-7 SST
  • Nitinol
  • Non-ferrous material – MP35N, platinum iridium, etc.
  • Shaped wire – Flat, D-shape, Oval

Reinforcement Coils

  • Used for support in catheters, tracheostomy tubes, and a wide range of other medical devices.

Custom Medical Wireforms

  • Precision wireform machines capable of manufacturing to 0.001” tolerances.

  • Snares and basket wire components and assemblies.

  • Precision welding, grinding, and CNC machining of custom wireform products.

CNC Machining Services for Healthcare and Medical Devices

  • Stainless steel hypotube and cannula produced with burr-free ECG processing.
    • Flaring, notching, processing multiple notches and bead blasting.
  • Custom-machined brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, as well as medical plastics.
  • Diverse medical product experience, including:
    • General Components: crimp sleeves, bushings, heat sinks, obturator rods
    • Minimally invasive surgical device components
    • Forceps
    • Luers

Precision Micro Manufacturing for the Medical Sector – ISO 9001:2015 Certified

With more than 35 years of experience in contract manufacturing for highly advanced medical applications, HyTech Spring and Machine is poised to meet the most challenging requirements in quality, consistency, and cleanliness demanded by the modern healthcare equipment industry.