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An Overview and Comparison of Complex Machining Services

Complex CNC machining services are critical within many of today’s state-of-the-art industries. From the manufacturing of highly specialized medical equipment to complex aerospace components and precision automotive parts, CNC machining solutions are required to produce today’s challenging design geometries and exceedingly close tolerances.

As one of the nation’s leading providers of CNC machining and micromachining for a range of unique product applications, HyTech Spring and Machine offers a full selection of complex custom machining services. Explore our innovative manufacturing capabilities below.

6 Common Complex Machining Services Explained and Compared

Vertical and Horizontal CNC Milling Services

CNC milling is a highly precise subtractive manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled machines programmed to remove material from a stationary workpiece. Along with CNC turning, it is the most widely utilized CNC machining service.

HyTech’s vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines are capable of 4-axis movement while achieving 0.001” tolerances, thus achieving the complex design requirements of the modern medical/aerospace sectors and beyond. Our custom milled products range from prototypes to full-scale production runs and include all aspects of CAD design and testing.

Swiss CNC Turning ServicesSwiss Turning

Swiss turning is another common CNC machining service capable of producing complex components and difficult geometries. In Swiss lathes, the cutting tool is mounted on a sliding headstock that moves precisely along the length of the material. This allows for the simultaneous cutting and shaping of the rotating workpiece. The process is both highly accurate and repeatable, while generating minimal waste.

HyTech’s Swiss turning lathes offer 7-axis machining capabilities and can process materials up to 32mm in diameter. Our highly complex Swiss machining capabilities minimize the required cycle times for manufacturing precision turned parts and help us achieve even higher precision and complexity than conventional CNC turning services.

Deep Hole Drilling

Deep hole drilling is a specialized drilling process used to create extreme depth-to-diameter holes in metal. While other machining methods generally work on the inner or outer surface of the workpiece, deep hole drilling reliably creates holes deeper than can be achieved by conventional CNC machines.

The deep hole drilling process relies on special tools drilling and auxiliary equipment which delivers high-pressure coolant and clean evacuates metal chips to ensure both precision and consistency. This invaluable machining service allows contract manufacturers like HyTech to produce a wider range of complex custom-machined components.

Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is a cutting-edge manufacturing process capable of producing precision-cut components with complex designs. Wire EDM machines use a thin, electrically charged wire to cut through a workpiece – as opposed to a metal cutting tool, which is typically used in other subtractive manufacturing processes.

Like with CNC mills and lathes, the wire EDM process is precisely controlled via computer programming. This makes it highly accurate and repeatable for producing complex component geometries. Wire EDM services are particularly beneficial for the manufacturing of components that require extremely hard materials, such as titanium, MP35N steel, and Inconel.

Innovative Custom Machining Solutions

HyTech Spring and Machine is a U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in complex custom CNC machining services since 1984. Our company proudly remains one of the leading micromanufacturing service providers for the medical sector, aerospace industry, automotive manufacturing applications, and beyond.