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A Guide to Precision Wire Forming Services and Common Applications

Precision wire forms are extremely small, specialized components manufactured from sections of wire material which we carefully form into intricate shapes and complex designs. HyTech’s Custom wire forming services are similar in process to our miniature/micro spring manufacturing, except that springs typically feature a coil, spiral, or helix design. In contrast, wire forms can take on a multitude of unique shapes and configurations.

Custom wire forms are typically made from extremely thin wire materials that range from approximately 0.002” up to 0.240” in diameter. A variety of materials can be used, including exotic metals for specialized medical applications and other industries, such as orthodontic wire forms and aerospace components. However, in most applications we use stainless steel, carbon steel, or other reliable high-strength alloys as the material of choice.

At HyTech, our job is to process the optimum metal into a specific shape while maintaining precision tolerances through various CNC forming techniques like bending, coiling, as well as machining.

Wire Forming

Wire Form Material Selection and Design/Engineering

Our custom wire forming services begin with selecting the ideal wire material for the given application. For example, material optimization for aerospace components can look quite different from that of medical devices. Selecting the best material for the job is crucial, as it determines the wire form’s mechanical properties and functionality, as well as its durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Once the material is chosen, we meticulously design custom wire forms using computer-aided design (CAD) software to ensure accuracy and repeatability of the end products. Highly detailed models of the desired form are created so that the product can be consistently reproduced via CNC forming. Backed by decades of experience in the industry, HyTech’s design process involves a multitude of factors such as dimensional requirements, tolerances, load-bearing capacities, long-term durability, and other functional performance attributes.

Wire Forming Processes and Techniques:

  • Bending – A seemingly simple process made much more complicated by small componentry with precision tolerances, bending is one of the most basic yet critical processes for processing wire segments into custom forms. CNC bending machines can accurately produce and reproduce the highly delicate bends required.
  • Coiling – Just as the name suggests, wire form coiling involves winding the wire material around an extremely small mandrel or cylinder to create springs, helical shapes, or other complex forms.
  • Machining – In some cases, our precision wire forms have to undergo secondary CNC machining processes such as cutting, drilling, or grinding to achieve specific part features or dimensions.

HyTech’s Custom Wire Forming Services:

HyTech has the capability to produce a full range of wireforms manufactured from a variety of wire types ranging from .002” up to .240” diameter in full hard materials and up to .500” from low carbon and annealed materials.

We commonly manufacture miniature and micro wireforms, hairpin clips, rings and ligation rings and more. Through design modification and optimization, we may be able to save you money. Our engineering team considers all aspects of your project including manufacturing, metallurgy, and end product functionality in order to develop the most efficient production plan possible.

Common Products and Applications for Precision Wire Form Products:

  • Medical Devices – Wire forms are featured in a wide range of medical equipment and healthcare devices including surgical instruments, catheters, orthopedic implants, and orthodontic products.
  • Automotive – Wire forms are critical to the functionality of many complex automotive systems like seat belt mechanisms, airbag deployment systems, and electronic fuel injection systems.
  • Electronics – Precision wire forms are commonly installed in electronics connectors, switches, and sensors ranging from everyday products and consumer devices to specialized medical tools and industrial equipment.
  • Aerospace – Finally, wire forms are required in various critical aircraft components and spaceflight applications such as avionics, actuators, sensors, and aircraft control mechanisms.

Complete Custom Wire Form Design and Manufacturing Solutions

Specializing in miniature springs, micro wire products, and precision wire form manufacturing, HyTech does it all. From design and tool building to manufacturing of the finished product, our company strives to meet or exceed your every expectation in quality and repeatability. Founded in 1984, our unparalleled experience and product flexibility will be an asset to your next custom wire form project.