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What Sets Aerospace CNC Machining Services Apart from Other Industries?

Today’s CNC machining technology is engineered to ensure precision and consistency in manufacturing. Perhaps no industry requires these two qualities more than the modern aerospace manufacturing sector.

Aerospace CNC machining projects tend to produce highly complex products. Simultaneously, all tolerances and specifications must be precisely maintained in order to ensure both the compatibility and functionality of each component. After all, these custom machined products are often installed in multi-million dollar aircraft and spacecraft vehicles – any production error can be extremely costly, or can potentially cause operational hazards.

Absolute Precision and Consistency

While virtually all custom CNC machining projects demand precision and consistency, aerospace manufacturing takes quality to the next level. HyTech Spring and Machine is poised to meet these challenging production standards using some of the latest CNC milling, turning, and Swiss machining technology.

At HyTech, we regularly machine custom aerospace micro springs as small as 0.0015” and specialize in the manufacturing of highly complex microform components. We offer precision aerospace manufacturing experience coiling wire diameters from 0.0005” up to 0.180”.

Material Expertise and Versatility

Today’s state-of-the-art aerospace products require many different metals, alloys, and other specialized materials. HyTech offers experience in working with virtually all formable grades of metals used in modern aviation and spaceflight projects. This includes common metals such as music wire, stainless steel, copper alloys, as well as precious metals and nickel alloys, such as MP35N and Inconel.

AS9100D Certified Quality Control Solutions

The AS9100D quality certification is the industry standard for today’s aerospace manufacturing companies. Choosing an aerospace provider that is AS9100D certified ensures that your custom machined components are produced and tested to the highest quality standards. Product consistency, finish, and performance are all meticulously verified.

In addition to being an AS9100D certified machine shop, HyTech is an ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified contract manufacturer. These standards further assure our quality control capabilities for general manufacturing as well as automotive projects.

Complete In-House Machining Capabilities

Complex aerospace manufacturing projects often necessitate numerous metalworking processes: fabrication, CNC machining, welding, turnkey assembly, etc. Partnering with a single-source aerospace manufacturer will help simplify your supply chain while ensuring consistent quality with every product.

Innovative Aerospace CNC Machining Services

HyTech Spring and Machine is a U.S.-based aerospace manufacturer committed to quality, consistency, and on-time delivery. We have proudly served the commercial and military aerospace sectors since 1984. Our innovative engineering team considers all aspects of your project – from material metallurgy to design optimizations – in order to develop an efficient manufacturing solution that yields superior aerospace components.