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A Guide to CNC Micromachining and Miniature Machined Parts

CNC micromachining services are specialized machining methods which are used for the production of extremely small parts and miniature components.

The micro-milling and micro-turning processes are essentially the same as standard CNC machining processes. However, as the name suggests, micromachining is optimized for the precise manufacturing of much smaller parts.

For example, HyTech regularly manufactures precision micro wire components built with wire diameters ranging from .0015” to .500”. At this scale, some custom machining features are so small and precise that they are invisible to the human eye.

The custom machining and micro-forming of such small components requires some of the industry’s most capable CNC technology. At HyTech, our in-house CNC machining department utilizes 4-axis vertical and horizontal milling, 7-axis Swiss turning, vacuum table machining systems, and advanced wire EDM technology.

High-Precision Machining Solutions for Highly Complex Small Parts

HyTech specializes in CNC micromachining services for wireforms, miniature springs, and custom micro wire components. These tiny components are regularly found in today’s specialized medical devices (e.g. pacemakers and tracheostomy tubes), aerospace components, and small automotive parts.

At HyTech, our fully integrated machine shop is capable of producing even the most complex micro components and assemblies utilizing some of the industry’s most accurate CNC workstations. The smallest machined cuts, shapes, crimps, bends, and coils are added with absolute precision and repeatability.

Of course when it comes to custom micromachined parts, quality and consistency are paramount. HyTech utilizes coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in-house inspection along with other unique inspection procedures we have developed for various wire cross-sections and extreme tolerances. These are just a few of the ways we continually maintain quality in accordance with our AS9100:D, IATF 16949:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Micromachining Services for a Wide Range of Industries and Applications

CNC micromachining services are required in many of today’s most advanced commercial industries. The modern healthcare sector requires precisely formed medical coils, orthodontic/stent wires, cannula and hypotube components. The modern aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries demand a wide range of unique micromachined products which require the most capable miniature manufacturing technology in the industry.

  • Micromachined Medical Devices
  • Miniature Aerospace Machined Parts
  • Micro Automotive Components
  • Micro-Formed Torsion, Extension, and Compression Springs
  • Small Precision Parts for Electronics

Complete CNC Micromachining Services

HyTech’s integrated CNC machine shop provides complete custom micromachining services for a range of precision applications. From miniature springs and microcomponents to complex assemblies and wireforms, we are able to achieve the close-tolerance quality and consistency that your micro machined components require.