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Custom Wireform Solutions Manufactured to Your Specifications

HyTech Spring and Machine manufactures a wide range of wireform products and custom spring solutions. We have the capability to process wireform diameters down to 0.0015” with uncompromising accuracy and repeatability. Integrated with a range of the latest CNC wireforming systems, our facility provides the precision to manufacture custom wireform products for some of the most challenging applications.

Our experience includes wireform solutions for cutting-edge medical device and aerospace products, as well as automotive components and electronics.

Precision-Based Wireform Design and Manufacturing Services

HyTech manufactures both miniature and micro wireform products. Our complete custom wireform product range also includes stylets, mandrels, retaining rings, ligation clips, and more. Through design modifications and engineering refinements, we are often able to reduce costs while delivering a better built, more sustainable product.

HyTech’s innovative engineering team considers all aspects of your project including production processes, metallurgy, and end functionality to devise the most optimized manufacturing solution possible.

Wire Forming

Custom Wireform Solutions Engineered for Your Industry and Application:

HyTech Spring and Machine offers unparalleled expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of custom-designed wireform products used in a wide range of precision applications, including:

  • Highly precise micro wireform solutions for the medical industry and beyond.
  • Custom springs and micro wireforms for complex aerospace projects.
  • Wireforms and springs for high-tech automotive components.
  • Custom micro wire components for specialized electronics applications.

We manufacture miniature and micro wireforms, hairpin clips, rings and ligation rings, and more. Through design modification we may be able to save you money. Our engineering team considers all aspects of your project including production, metallurgy and functionality.

Contract Manufacturing Solutions for Precision Wireform Products

HyTech Spring and Machine specializes in the manufacturing of precision springs, custom wireforms, and CNC machining services for a wide range of micro product applications. Founded in 1984 and based out of Plainwell, Michigan, our company enjoys a rich history of tackling some of the industry’s most challenging metal forming applications. Our superior contract manufacturing solutions are supported by a robust quality control system certified to ISO 9001:2015, AS9100:D, and IATF 16949:2016 standards.